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Seniors And Caregivers Note Book


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic."
- Arthur C. Clarke (Author)


Main Guide - Seniors - Volunteer Visit & Training

Seniors Forum

Engage in conversations which matters to you. The Seniors' "forum corner" has been specially designed

to facilitate seniors' and youth engagement without barriers. 

Learn English (Zoom Session Date To Be Announced )

Senior Fitness Club (Tech Savvy Seniors Phase 2 - Coming Soon)

Alexa Device Learning Corner

To support the green economy, we produce digital documents. However, if required, all PDF files are printable. 

Documents for Seniors

Documents for Caregivers

Documents for Seniors/Caregivers

Life Long Learning Corner

Important Information for English Language Learners (PDF) Coming Soon!
What is elder abuse? (PDF) Coming Soon! 
Financial Literacy for Seniors (PDF) Coming Soon! 

Thin Title

Project concept Intellectual copyrights @2020 The Global Alliance Canada Org

Project sponsored by Employment and Social Development of Canada - NHSP 

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