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The Global Alliance Canada Org's social media campaigns, mentorship, motivational speaking, business training, human rights projects, entrepreneurial consultancy, and policy resolutions are anchored around human rights. 

The Global Alliance Canada Org provides the charitable benefit
upholding Human Rights. The term human rights refer to those individual rights and freedoms, within their prescribed limitations, set out in:

Canadian law, including:

  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • The Canadian Bill of Rights

  • The Canadian Human Rights Act

  • Provincial and Territorial Human Rights Legislation

  • International Treaties to which Canada is a party that come within the following categories:

    • United UN Charter

    • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    • Convention on the Rights of the Child

    • Statute of the International Court of Justice

    • Nations Human Rights Covenants, Conventions, and Protocols

  • International Labour Organization Conventions

  • Geneva Conventions and Protocols

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