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"The peace process starts with peace, not in streets but schools."

Madiha Rizvi

Helping building strong Nations


Fractured stability, war economies, reconstruction, and conflict economy are few of the global challenges which GAC focuses on raising awareness on—restoring economic and political normalcy in war conflicts countries is their priority.


GAC is addressing the forcibly displaced crisis by countering displacement, improving global knowledge on the effectiveness of policies and programs that target these war inflicted nations. For reaching and sustaining stability, GAC is forging new social contracts and establishing new political and economic norms. GAC is creating projects to facilitate post-conflict economic reconstruction and transition to peace.

The Global Alliance Canada Org's social media campaigns, mentorship, motivational speaking, business training, human rights projects, entrepreneurial consultancy, and policy resolutions take comfort in supporting a country's peace. 

Almost five times as many children died in conflict zones than fighters.

Growing up with war | Children of Syria, the tragedy of kids who have never known Peace.

What happens to civilians in these war-torn nations.

Conflicts To Watch Globally.

Reconstruction In The Civil War Zones Of The Middle East.


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