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One-third of the country Pakistan is underwater, following an intense heatwave and a long monsoon that has dumped a record amount of rain. Thousands remain stranded by floods blamed on climate change, as rich countries are urged to do more.

Over 1.1 million houses in 80 districts have now been damaged or destroyed. The severe weather has taken a direct toll on human lives, with more than 1,200 people reported to have died, including 244 women, 526 men and 416 children. 

The Global Alliance Canada Org, in collaboration with the most renowned non-profit organization team in Pakistan, is extending its humanitarian efforts to those where it is impossible to reach by land. 

The Global Alliance Canada Org will continue expanding its reach for Flood relief in the coming days under our Global Economic Development Plan for Developing Countries and launching a campaign. However, the Flood affectees cannot wait please donate to our team on the grounds by clicking on the tab

The Global Alliance Canada Org provides this donations service to help you direct your funds for effective local impact.

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