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Tech Savvy Senior And 
Mental Health
Phase 2

Our vision is to establish sustainable senior and youth living arrangements as we strive to scale up

Ease of performing daily activities, staying connected to family and friends, staying active and financial stability improves Mental Health. The Global Alliance Canada started with the pilot project to assess the demand for such projects and has attracted a lot of attention. 

Scaling up the Tech Savvy Seniors project will allow The GAC to research the seniors belonging to different communities and standards of living. The detailed analysis in our Tech Savvy project phase 2 will help to find solutions for


Why live at home than in senior homes? 
How easily can seniors adopt technology?
How do seniors and youth support each other?
Which services are further required to help seniors live at home?


Answers to these questions will help us define process flows and identify partners as a holistic approach to senior care. 

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