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Poverty in Karachi and the Orangi Town

While Karachi is a vital part of Pakistan’s economy, the fast expansion of its population has been fed by massive migration, which has led to many people struggling to find steady income and a place to live. This has led to the formation of one of the world’s largest slum, Orangi Town.


It’s estimated that almost 2.4 million people live in Orangi Town. The settlement’s population exploded in the 70s when people migrated from East Pakistan after the war of independence.

Residents of Orangi Town originally did not have access to sewers, so the residents installed them by hand. This has led to almost 90% of Orangi Town’s 8,000 streets having sewage pipes. 

Source: PopulationStat

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Karachi, Orangi Town, Pakistan | Source: Unknown

sewerage-water Samaa TV.png

Sewerage Water | Source: Samaa TV

A little girl fills two jerrycans with w

A little girl fills two jerrycans with water in the Korangi slum in Karachi. Fetching water is a duty that often falls on very young children | Source: Diaa Hadid/NPR

Dawn News.png

Several dead due to heavy rains and no proper drainage system and flooding. Lots of houses and building structures collapsed | Source: Dawn News


A renowned educationist and social worker reached out to us, sharing the urgent need to get a fragile house repaired for the threat of a falling ceiling and walls due to recent flooding. 

The family of a widow with three girls and a boy was moved immediately to avoid any accident. 

All the females in the house are with health issues, the walls of the house were with fungus, and our team skin specialist is treating one of the girls urgently with a severe skin condition.

The family used to sleep on a mattress on the floor, which was sinking and has caused back issues to one of the girls, who is the only bread earner. She is without a job since lockdown, and due to her health condition, she cannot pursue a job immediately. The boy is in grade 10 and requires to focus on studies. 

The Pakistan team has helped them with few furniture items, oven, doctor visits, health tests, and medications. The conditions they were living in that area are not healthy; we are moving the family permanently from the place. The rental, maintenance, the utility has been covered for a year by our generous donor, giving us time to raise funds and arrange a permanent shelter for the family in a reasonable neighbourhood. 

We are looking for a place to buy for them by matching the donations with their old place's land price. Arrange jobs for the girls and a good school for the boy; we are also looking into skill training for the girls or other income-generating venues. Since the 80s, Orangi town slum's challenges are being addressed by a few NGOs and by the government after the year 2000; the population continue living in worse conditions for any humankind in the world. 

We aim to empower this one family and continue doing it for other families with partnerships. All this is impossible without your as little as $20 or more donation streamline. You may click on the "donate now" button to donate and invest in a family's future. The donations for this project are 100% dedicated to the mission. 

"Lets Put in our Share to make the World a Better Place for All."


Video Story of the Family Coming Soon!

Please Note: If you are an individual or an organization working in the zone of Orangi, Karachi, Pakistan, we want to hear from you. The GAC puts emphasis on partnerships to maximize existing resources and upscaling or creating an innovative project through collaboration.  

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